This applies to all of Us.

To the people who missed my message.

Stay calm...

Leave violent incidents...

Despite religion, philosophy and ideology, we all are pals...

We all once have been had by the philosophy of physical violence.

Willem Alexander en 4 rats are the killers.

Physical violence is the Problem called Sheitan ( Arabic ) satan ( Greek and Hebrew for Opposer )...

We all are eachothers pals when violence is defeated...

Trusting in the logic and sanity of violence is NOT a strategy and it is NOT an option.

The scriptures of holy books all contain Righteousness as core teaching.

Satan is Arabic, Greek And Hebrew for Opposer. It refers to the problem called Physical Violence.

Any damage is done by not knowing this knowledge enough, by All of us.

Willem Alexander is the hider of that knowledge.

This knowledge was kept secret in order to make Us slaves to Violence.

The 4 perpetrators of destroying the Middle east have been dealt with:


I just want peace.

Sadly  the Dutch civil war was a misunderstanding between friends and me.

They left the online and offline scene online before i could finish my sentences and this one: ( Bullies must be fooled, protect her ) and where away for 5 months.

And I did not ask for it.

I forgive them because it was Willem Alexanders fault.

twitter folk should be trained.

Knowledge was kept away.

My wife is safe since Yesterday.

I found out Yesterday.

Please leave us alone.

Protecting her worked.

the second time.

Her location is unknown to me.

I did not lie immorally.

This is  proper taqqiya, muslims.

Save a life with a smaller crime.

NOT lying against people people discriminate against.

I protected her for good reason.

She is welcome saturdays at my place that i will buy or build an ausla later with friends i will invite.


families stay at their homes.

and she or the scouts get one saturday each 2 weeks.

Not the same week.

family fights.


We can together clean the mess by voluntarily each making 10 euros a month to charities like save syria and Iraqi Children.



r souissi nl44abna 0107 2638 23

I am not a fraud: I could have sued a billion people for discrimination.

that could have costed 100 euro's each 

 I forgive them...


Contradiction is not right.

Psalms 129 line 4.



Build Your Houses into ausla's in order to guarantee Your safety against Violence.


YT Mark Passio 2nd amendment.


Follow this website through.


In 6 weeks its calm.

Energy cleansed.



Pay Donations when energies are cleansed, a week later.

we solve a refugee crisis.

a war on freedom.

Made 2 families mates ( Not Yet ).

And I wanna restore freedom to those without.



And so on.

I am a Healer.

I heal things.

I will use my Laptop to pay the promised fees to the people involved.



Dear Syrian Brother,

We will be late and still there.

6 weeks from now donations flow in to my and Your friends accounts.


People need time.

Building is an effort.

We will make Syria and Iraq rich together.

Was Signed Charlie, Gandalf, Harry Potter, Donald Duck,

Vial 5...


Be ware: Donations are not an obligation but not doing so to syria and iraq costs you europeans  your life and not doing to me is stealing my righteous pay for 5 years work.

be ware not everyone has to pay.

only people with enough money.


its not an obligation...

but good luck without paying.

there are rules.


We are going to solve the problems.


please spread through phones.

only once; NO STALKING.


The Dutch do not have to pay Me, but have to pay Syrian and Iraqi charities.

We did the same job.

The rest of the world may pay 10 euros for solving a civil war.

for dethroning a nazi.

for helping to collect my pals,

For suing rutte.

for angelic knowhow on twitter to save your lives.

stopping a twitter war.

Stopping a Real war by throwing the untrained out of twitter.


Contradiction is not righteous.

calling me mad for making right choices is not right.

not helping Iraqis and Syrians is Not Righteous.

Not paying me except if you are Dutch is not righteous.

and these options can cost your life.


syrians and Iraqi are not to donate.



I Solved that.


You must donate to syrians and iraqi.

psalms 129 line 4.

letter to the romans.

qur'an 5:8 and 5:9

violence is sheitan.

Stop acting violent to serve allah, god and Jesus.


We are going to help you there are no guilty people in the netherlands.

the perpetrators are dead.

high places are disbanded


there is no more threat.



If You did not listen, Start here.

Pay syrian and Iraqi Charities.

Be ware of terrorists.


Psalms 129 line 4.