Fighting with Ourselves

Yes, most of Us love Our Neighbours...

But Sadly we do not always love Ourselves...


In fact, many people, especially in the Christian Community, do not even love themselves.


They Fear That to stop loving Christ is equal to going to Hell, that abandoning their Religion is Evil.


However, the Lord, the Saints and The Prophets' love is Unconditional.

There is no hell.


This page is about Inner conflict, that can only be resolved by Loving your Inner Enemy.


Some people hear voices, that attack them...

Mostly The Cause of hearing voices is not medical, and it is not ( Outer ) Satan and His Demons.


I myself heard an aggressive, attacking voice inside My head, for over 30 Years.

The solution to this problem, at least for me, after 30 Years in battle, was surprisingly simple: the voice to me was my inner Pain.


The scolding it did, the outright animosity, came from lack of love for my own pain.

I resisted its words, completely missing the Emotions behind the words of the voice.

I attacked the Voice, instead of being there for It.


Voices aren't demons.

They arise from lack of Self Love.

In my own case, I fought with everything that hurt me, and so it also got hurt.


The voice was a thought form, that had all of My Trauma given a Voice.


Trauma, from a sometimes downward abusive society.

Trauma from many different situations.

And Trauma from hurting, triggered by Abusing Myself aswell.


I am accepting myself, because EGO ( In my case, misunderstanding the pain behind the voice ), is my Inner Enemy.


And The Bible says: Love Your Enemies.


Because in my case, there is no enemy within, only a misunderstood hurt, sadness and pain...


I know some people might frown upon hearing this story, but others may benefit from it.


For Me, the way to solve inner conflict is to acknowledge that the voice is just inner pain, that needs attention.

Its not about WHAT it says.

Its about the Energy behind the voice.


This might trigger heavy emotions in people who have this problem:


Try to catch Its Pain in Loving Attention, instead of getting angry at it if it scolds at you.

 Be kind to it, Nurse It, its Hurt...


This might take up to 3 hours alone...

For some For multiple times...


The voice might disappear afterwards...