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Defense Mechanisms and how to Treat Them...

You might have heard from socalled Defense Mechanisms....:


Your own OR someone elses Hidden reactions, you cannot explain but which keep happening to you.


Mostly because there is Something going on within Yourself that you completely miss...


Some of us might feel threathened, others might feel angry and some might feel superiourly smart.


The Philosophy of this E_book is; 

There are no attackers; everybody defends that which they hold dear.


And; Defense Mechanisms are: False Assumptions we Tell ourselves in order to protect hidden motives or hidden emotions.




Because we in the unconscious part of our selves feel embarrased OR like we are losing face when we become authentic...


This book helped me a lot in order to understand myself and others.


It is a Must Read, and is best to be studied with LOTS of time,  a pen and a big journal next to you.


It links to the www.bol.com product page...