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How to love your enemies

I see many of my following wrestling unneccesarily with how to approach Enemies and with themselves about dealing with Enemies.

Therefore I have reached the conclusion, that common sense knowledge on dealing with Enemies is nessecary for the Spiritual battle of Those Who Are Free.

I have chosen a few constructs to build a house on:

Love: To be conscious of Truth and of your Enemies and to have the best interests ( of all enemies ) at Heart.

Thy: Yours.

Enemies: Those circumstances ( Inside or outside of ourselves ) which frustrate Our desire for an intended conscious or unconscious goal.

This subject is a study of a Buddhist book which I

find waaay better than most "christian" GARBAGE on the subject.

It explains the Science of Loving Your Enemies and gives a structured plan on how, what dangers there are and what kind of enemies we face in our day to day lives.

1) The Outside Enemies; people who deliberately or Indeliberately frustrate your desires for a specific goal or outcome.

2) The Inside Enemies: Why our responses are fooling us and how to build a succesful strategy to sail around those illusions.

3) The Secret Enemy; Being an Asshole.

4) The More Secret Enemy; Thinking you are worthless...

This is a picture of the Book: Love Your Enemies.