Must Read Studies:

Strategic Mindset


The 33 Strategies of War.


The 48 Laws of succes:


Here are 2 free ( Ten hours each ) Audiobooks on spiritual war, how to conduct it, what to do and how to deal with yourself and your enemies.

Knowing it will give you an evolutionary Advantage on enemies and will set u free from "Moving the spiritual Furnitures on the Titanic in hope for change", as mark passio would call it...


Watch out for Stupidity...Its a Sin...

Counter Interrogation Tactics.

It may be needed when arrested by Police or when captured by Jihadists.

I'd like to remind you of the Red Button, where 10 smaller websites and books that support this project are found.


Just as there are found several other peoples Sites.


Walk with the Prophets, and may the Force Be With You...