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The 5 Pointed Star study system...:

( or "the Path of the Pentagram" ).

The Pentagram is a symbol that symbolises the human being.

2 arms, 2 legs and the head.

With other words:You...


Furthermore it has 5 elements.

Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit.

These elements are a hidden study plan within Witchcraft.

And it is harmless...


The plan is called the Path of the Pentagram.


It works like this:

Begin with Air.

Study as much as you like about everything to do with Air. 


Do this for 3 months. 


Go to The Next element when you feel you know enough about it or when the 3 months have passed.


Continue this path, until you reach Spirit.

Do that one last.

Its the most difficult, because its about The Psyche and about Psychology.


This is the Path of the Pentagram.