I think that the one the Antichrist ( dr David Edward Owuor ) wants U to follow, is this Pope or an in the nearby future ruling Pope...

I am convinced that He owns the Jihadist Army...

However, I am not sure about this... 

I believe that Darwins Theory of Evolution in fact is misunderstood by Mark Passio and Atheists.


Mark Passio rejects the idea that multiple species created other Species.

Darwin accepts that fact:

He says that only within a species changes occur over time, so a Dog stays a Dog, but it will become another sub species in a million years, because of minute changes within the bloodline over time.


However: Many Atheists cannot understand the scientific fact that Natural Law is a building upon the foundation of The Theory Of Evolution.

It does NOT mean "the survival of the most brutal" , nor does it mean "eat or be eaten".


The Survival of the Fittest, used by Charles Darwin in his book "The Origin of Species" is meant to say: "the guy or animal confronted with natural forces, whois able to adapt best to the circumstances, will survive" .


The best way to survive in 2020s Earth is CONSCIOUSNESS.

According 2 Darwins theories in 2020, Natural Law Students have the Evolutionary Advantage over the Rest.