I think that the one the Antichrist, 

( Who is dr David Edward Owuor ) wants U to follow, is this Pope or an in the nearby future ruling Pope...

I am convinced that He owns the Jihadist Army...

However, I am not sure about this... 

I know that Darwins Theory of Evolution in fact is misunderstood by both Mark Passio and many Atheists aswell.


Mark Passio rejects the idea that multiple species created other Species.


Darwin accepts that fact:

He says in " On The Origins of Species" that only within a species generational Bloodline, changes occur over time.


 For Example: 

So a Dog stays a Dog, but it will become another sub species in a Hundred thousand years, because of minute changes within the bloodline over time.

So then it will be something else as a Dog, but with the Dog as an Ancestor.



Many Atheists cannot understand the scientific fact that Natural Law is a building upon the foundation of The Theory Of Evolution.


It does NOT mean "the survival of the most brutal" , nor does it mean "eat or be eaten".


The Survival of the Fittest, used by Charles Darwin in his book "The Origin of Species" is meant to say: "the guy or animal confronted with natural forces, whois able to adapt best to the circumstances, will survive" .


The best way to survive in 2020s Earth is CONSCIOUSNESS.


According 2 Darwins theories in 2020, Dedicated Natural Law Students have the Evolutionary Advantage over the Rest.