Conclusion of this Website:

We trust in the Truth that Christ is the ONLY Mediator between Reality ( God, Elohim, the Higgs Field, Strongs 4404, Gods, the All encompassing Reality, Source ), and men.

He is Lord of Lords and King Of Kings.

And we KNOW for sure, distinguished by Testing:


Satan is Also there, which is reasonable tot accept, Through the proven existance of the Islamic State Antichrist. 

We learned that Science and Christ are not contradicting eachother.

Also we learned that Christ and God are Righteous.

and there more points of view that can be Considered possible...

We learned the Hidden Science of Common Sense, and that It was hidden to create a Power gap between companies, people and You.

We learned that Satanist Grottos are a filtration system that bad psychologists use to Find crooks to do evil with.

We learned that there are a small 200k Islamic State Death Squads in Europe and that they belong to Satan and the Antichrist.

And we learned;

Self Respect, Self Worth, Critical Thinking, The Meaning of Freedom, That Truths don't always sound nice and that the Lord Will return 42 moon_months AFTER the Antichrist profanes the soon newly built Israeli Temple in Jeruzalem.

At that moment, the Islamic State Fighters worldwide will attack Everything except for Israël.

They will try to, but Fail...

And All Good men Will have 40Fied their houses and Will attack Everyone who attacks Them first.

Then The Jihadist Army shrinks, is nowhere safe and flees to Israël.

There they will encounter Christ and they Will be dealt with.

They will be thrown into the Hinnom Valley and the rest of Islamic State Will be slaughtered at the Meggido plains.

Then, Christ Will start with reigning and the Satanic BullCrap Will be over....

So we learned, although we have but One LIFE, There is Much to hope for...


So Lets Become Doomsday Preppers ourselves...

Hell, Hey, Its Doomsday, so why not....