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Criticism upon Marks Research

In Our Opinion the website Stevenhager.net

has some interesting views.


Our Criticism upon that Blog is of the following:

1) David Icke was once a Tin Foil Hat when it came to Aliens.


However: Tin Foil Hats can tell truths in other terrains of Knowledge.


  No matter who trained him...

Scientificly spoken,

The only question that is important is:

Is it True or False what Mark teaches and Why?


2) Aliens need to be proven.



Sadly there is some Biological proof that Chromosomal DNA of Humans....well

( Homo Sapiens Sapiens ) is Incompatible with the Chromosomal DNA of the Chimpansee.

A Homo Sapiens Sapiens has got 23 Chromosomes, but a Chimpansee has 24.


This at least prooves that Humans didnt evolve from Chimpansees.


However: Science knows this allready.


The source of many apes is not the Chimpansee.


It is called the "Missing Link".


Its Chromosomes are interesting to see if We are a Natural Phenomenon and a Science project of the Annunaki, or only a Natural Biological Phenomenon.

Sadly We do not posess that level nor

That kind of Biological  Knowledge.


3) Steven claims Mark is taking AWAY responsibility, when in fact Marks Lectures All are about TAKING RESPONSIBILTY BACK And EMPOWERMENT.


4) Steven disqualifies bunk and discredits the teachers who said it, totally missing the good stuff they said.

To us it seems that the guy blogging the stuff on



Doesn't ( Want to ? )  understand anything Mark has said, because the blogger has a resistance, a Background or a


( not nessecarily bad )

 Motive we do not Yet understand...

Possibly Fear of Change...?


Most Other Sources of "Criticism",

(on Youtube.com and on Google.com)

we do not even take Seriously.


That is Because ( Most of them ) constitute obvious Jibberish, Babble and Bullying.

It seems so Exhaustingly Childish and lacking proper Argumentation...

...That to Us it felt like a waste of time to even have looked into it...