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Defense Against The Dark Arts 10: Dealing with FakeNews...


Deceiving The World...one Lie at a Time...

( And Dealing With False Allegations ) 

False Allegations:

We do not know Why they happen and We do not care... 


We do not accept this kind of "legal?" abuse anymore! 


So, You have been falsely accused, now what?

MAKE A PICTURE of any Online Allegation. 

Force the Accuser to file a Report or to Retract His/ or Her statement.


Set a TimeLimit of a Week.


And Take ANY other Options AWAY from the table under the Threat of A Fair pack of Beating, Which You will do, when this Rule is broken. 


REJECT EVERYONE From your Circle of Friends and Followers ( In Real Life and on Social Media), who believes the Accuser. 


And make the following online statement on all Social Media... :


Sadly You have heard that (Accuser's Full Name, Christian Names and Surname, with a Picture) Said I did

(name the Accusation of Crime Exactly).

I am An Eyewitness to the fact that This is False, and You CANNOT honestly Deliver the Evidence to the Contrary.

Therefore it is Unjust to believe these Accusations made against me. 

EVERYBODY who chooses to Believe ( Accuser ) Denies the to me proven fact that I am Innocent.


These people do not TRUST me and therefore do not RESPECT me. 


I will block EVERYBODY who believes the Accusations made by

( Accuser's Name ),  Because THEY believe without TESTING, Or THEY believe MADE UP EVIDENCE.

I DARE (Accuser's Name) To EITHER File a Complaint with the Police, Or to Retract His/ Her Statement.

If He/She takes none of these 2 Options within the Next Week, or any Third option, I will Kick

( Accusers)

Ass for admitting He/She Lied.

I will not accept this Abuse, from 

( Accuser's Name)..

Nor from Anyone Else.

Not Even From You.

Yours Sincerely, 

( Your Full name, possible Christian Names and Surname ).


After that:

Save the Pictures, Any Evidence that supports Your story.

And write Your version of any happened events in a Journal, with names, the date, location and exactly how you experienced what happened. 



Do NOT EVER debate Your Innocence 

Upon The Web... 

Because It is NOT UP for Debate. 


Its like Talking to Police: DON'T... ( Vid ) 


Do not give it anymore thought...

Even when people get hostile, that is THEIR problem...


If the Accuser chooses to File a Complaint, Even When You are Innocent:


Consent to the taking of DNA, Let the Police investigate.


Do not talk to them except through Your Lawyer.


And Finally, give them the Pictures, Your Journal, And File A Complaint to Sue the Accuser who Filed a False Complaint...


SUE without Compromise For:

Harrassment, Unfairly Sueing and Slandering Your name online.