Defense Against The Dark Arts 10: Dealing with FakeNews...

Fake News can mean a lot of things.

1) False Allegations about you.

2) Lies about you.

3) items 1) and 2) about someone else...

Only When this happens to You and at Work, the best solution is to respond like this...:

When you are Falsely acused with the Threat of Police:

Dont explain.

Dont attack the accuser.

Just say: I am innocent...

what can I do to proove my Innocence on this matter?


When your Boss checks if you did it, ( or anyone else ), and after your question states reasonable demands: fulfill them within the week.


When they are unreasonable and ask things that are un-do-able or things that are dangerous:



( Dont State: I cannot do this because of ): 


1) i want to, but I need...


2) I can't. ( When asked after this statement:

state reasons of the desired project's doom before you begin ).


3) Its Against Company Policy...

After being asked: State The Policy...


When the accuser states:

theres nothing you can do...

Say: I smell a Rat.

I have no time for rats, and neither do the people around me, investigating your baloney...


False Sexual Abuse Allegations:

When falsely accused online:


1) Make a Snapshot of the Accusations.


2) Keep a Record.


3) if the person in question accuses you him/herself online:

Confront them head on; ( expose their intentions of wanting to destroy you ) and threathen to block anyone who believes him/her above you.


If your boss buys into it...say: give it time.


I can proove my innocence soon...


And do so by this strategy:


3b) Make a Snapshot of the Incident in item 3 aswell.

Save it for later.. 


4) Press Charges against the Perpetrator.


5) Block the Perpetrator.


6) say on Facebook and Twitter:

( on Twitter: Retweet your own Tweet to your own following ).

Say this:


You might have heard people say I raped/Groped so and so.

I tell You, that I did not do such thing.

I have pressed charges and I have broken Contact with ( liars name ).

( next: post the pic of the conversations in items 1 and in Items 3A and B ).


7) Let go of it. Dont defend yourself anymore and dont give the case any more attention.

You made your point.


False Complaints Filed with the Police:

1) Wait for an Attorney and then Inquire ( With the Attorney at your side ) the Police about what you can do to help the police find the truth of your innocence.


2) Dont speak to the accuser himself ( the Filer ) and dont let yourself be put in the same room with them.


3) If you need to stay at the Police Station:

   A) Accept that as a generous offering from Police to find out what is going on...

   B) Wait for the Police investigation to end.


4) Then file a complaint for stalking against the Filer, and use the documents of their false complaints as evidence.

There is a new video down below about what to do...

A few rules you MUST obey, in order to fix the problem...( NEW ) :