Defense Against The Dark Arts 12: 

People miss Common Sense Skills...:

Everybody who is honest with themselves, and who is trained in Natural Law, will after a few years of being an Apprentice,  experience the following.


1) You are Right, but still You get contradicting statements.


2) You are Right, but Still You get Criticism.


3) You are Right, but still You get heated discussions.


4) People attack you for "Racism", "Them feeling offended" and for "Immoral" behaviour.


Especially for not fitting into a Group, that abuses non_members.


5) People want You to be quiet.

Every time you bring up Natural Law or Responsibility, people get annoyed.


6) some People even viciously persecute Natural Law, by ad hominems, false allegations, or plainly dont allow you to be with the groups they control.

             ( I call this technique: Intimidating Truth ).


7) I witnessed in Mental healthcare, especially in the Netherlands, there is a tendency to shun the expressions of common sense as being rude, negative, not the "goal of the place where clients meet" or other, which is seen as a form of disturbing the peace.


The problem with shunning the scientific reasoning of Natural Law, as prooved by Mark Passio, is that clients in Mental Health Care NEED the information discussed in the topic:


First Initiation into Natural Law...


This in order to heal themselves of psychological trauma, psychological disorders and mental health issues.


WARNING; Mental Health is not "Fixed" with just watching Mark Passio.


Common sense skills are the Beginning of being able to find your own problems, and starting to clean up your spiritual mess.


It is an initiation into a Good process which starts to create positive results on the way to Spiritual Freedom.


So I STRONGLY CONDEMN the shunning of Common Sense in the Mental Health Sector.


But I do NOT condemn keeping the peace.


Because it DOES create unrest when spoken about it in mental health care centres where people meet...,


The only thing Mental Health Care Workers may want to do, is give people the option for watching the materials.


Or simply put:

It may be wise to give rise to the idea to tell some of the clients of Mental Health institutions about my site.


( at least those who are capable to grasp Natural Law ) .



It does NOT have to be discussed during the setting of such Meeting places.


Within this way, both the need for peace and the need for healing are both met.