Defense Against The Dark Arts 12: 

People miss Common Sense Skills...:

Everybody who is honest with themselves, and who is trained in Natural Law, will after a few years of being an Apprentice,  experience the following.


1) You are Right, but still You get contradicting statements.


2) You are Right, but Still You get Criticism.


3) You are Right, but still You get heated discussions.


4) People attack you for "Racism", "Them feeling offended" and for "Immoral" behaviour.


Especially for not fitting into a Group, that abuses non_members.


5) People want You to be quiet.

Every time you bring up Natural Law or Responsibility, people get annoyed.


6) some People even viciously persecute Natural Law, by ad hominems, false allegations, or plainly dont allow you to be with the groups they control.

             ( I call this technique: Intimidating Truth ).


Wisdom teaches, that You need to look at the causes of the Resistance to Right and Wrong.

Ask them why they feel pain about what You are saying.

It is not Your Fault, when they say nasty things to you.

Its because they are in pain.

Do take responsibility for your actions and do not force the Teaching upon people.

If they accuse You of forcing the teaching, listen, ask why they say that.

When You are at fault, Admit and apologise for Your mistake.

Then, with these people, Avoid the subject.

Accept them anyways.

Because All people are different.