Defense Against The Dark Arts 13: Climate Hysteria

Although I admit to have laughed about this, I do not think this is the right way to treat children.

I consider posting these kinds of materials about Minors, Child Abuse...:

Back to the story:

I consider it important for you to have access to the other side of the Climate story...

This because there are sites who censor this material and ban people who post it...

Various Dutch News Sites did this...:

UN Scientist claims it's PROVEN that Climate Change is a FRAUD.

He says he had to Fake Results and arguments in his Reports.

( Report is sadly In Dutch )...

The pic below this paragraph says:

The air contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% gasses LIKE Carbon Dioxide.

0.0038% Of the 1% Gasses is made of Carbon Dioxide.

96% of THAT part of Carbon Dioxide is made by Nature. 

So 4% of 0.038% is 0.00152% of All Carbon Dioxide made by Nature ( on 1 day)  = made by humans.

the conclusion is that its not possible to have climate change based upon this data....


 These numbers are wrong.

they calculate the amount of CO2 in the air ON ONE DAY.

They miss the fact that CO2 changes per year.

We need the data on the amount of CO2 per year with proven human influence.

I guess the UN Panel IPCC does not yet have this data.

It is safe to assume there is climate change.

It is not proven that Humans are the main cause.

 Its also NOT proven Climate Change is a Cycle and Humans are Not...

We will have to stop fighting eachother and start being fair.

lets wait upon common sense scientific research.

Dutch Scientists say:

Climate change caused by humans is a scientific Hoax and Mostly Hysteria.

Dutch Politician ( also Doctor in Law) Thierry Baudet Disagrees with human Climate Change.

He sees it as rogue science.

Sadly in Dutch...

Dutch Tv Talkshow Host Robert Jensen rejects human Climate Change...

Dutch "Zondag met Lubach" tv show host makes existance questionable  for dutch "GreenLeft-party" and "GreenPeace" Activists.

Even US presidents tell contradicting stories...