Defense Against The Dark Arts 16: George Soros...

7 characteristics of evil people:

There is a number 8 also:

They resist Natural Law with Zeal...

This Lecture is meant to somehow level the Playing field between George Soros and You.

Whois George Soros?

He is a leftist Billionaire who is active in the European Union...


He has a lot of dubious foundations that cause fights in the EU.  


One of these Institutions funds groups like:

"KickOut zwarte Piet", which are people like Jerry Afriye, who cannot accept the scientific Fact that the Dutch Childrens Mascot called "Zwarte Piet" ( "Black Pete ) is a mere Mascot meant to have a little prank with the kids of the country.


He (Jerry Afriye) sees it as Racism and is full of hatred towards a funny guy, clothed in black, giving presents to kids.

The Discussion is a "False Flag Discussion" and is paid by George Soros.


There are many of these stupid discussions arising everywhere and George Soros is often the guy behind their funding.


Also the EUropean Union is funding all kinds of Crappy sociological contructions that promote "Tolerance", as if a virtue can be promoted.


This crappy attitude has been DISPROVEN by a SCIENTIST called Karl Popper.

His book is called: 

The Open Society and its Enemies.


Guess who is behind these crappy organisations, who influence the opinions of people and secretly converting them to the FAKE RELIGION of Political Correctness?


Yup: George Soros.


And there is more going on.


The A.I. part of this lecture is something that I consider PLAUSIBLE, but not yet proven.


My opinion is:

The spirit of Evil (Satan, Maya, or The Mentality of Injustice, which is confusing Humanity ) wants to make ISIS fighters out of the world.


All people who do EVIL are part of the Problem.


That is why I assume that ALL people who keep REFUSING to have a CONSCIENCE, as described by Mark Passio on the Home Page of this Website, will not be welcome in the Kingdom of Christ, Whois Lord over Us All.

( Watch it, its a lot more gray than you think ).

Down here is the Lecture:

I consider it the only material of David Icke I can Appreciate fully...


Fast forward to 3:53 to start the common sense lecture...


Before that time, its a little bit Fuzzy, its the crappy intro.