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Defense Against The Dark Arts 18:

"Hostility towards Truth".

Sometimes You Will encounter Hostility towards Natural Law, your Intentions, Your Behaviours OR Against YOU.


This is mostly NOT about You.

This is about people who experience pain as a perceived Consequence to Your remarks, Your Information or Your Behaviours.

however: It Is Not Your Fault.

Although Your Actions triggered Hostility towards You, You are not the Cause.

We all are responsible for our own Hurt.

Do not Take IT personally, When people attack You.

They are not Attacking You. They are confused and repressing their own pain WithinThemselves.

Why? They Do Not Know Themselves enough to accept their own hurting, without projecting the Cause Within Themselves upon You.

However: When people start to become aggressive: have a plan...

Talk to them, instead of fighting...

Help them...