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Defense Against The Dark Arts 19: Bible Thumping Bullshit Preachers.

Be ware of Bible Thumping people who tell U Bullshit...

Their Teaching confuses the mind.

Please SHUN their messages From Facebook, Instagram OR Twitter.

How to recognise A bible clown:



He Preaches condemnation towards people who do not perform CRIME.



He threathens You OR others with Hell ...

( Emotional Blackmail and Bad Biblical teaching ).



He tries to Control You with Bible Texts.



He believes the Antichrist is unknown or Someone ELSE than Dr David Edward Owuor.



He is Afraid of people who do no Harm.



He has no Common Sense according to Natural Law.



He posts messages without Context that are made to upset people who did not commit crime.



He condemns people who DO NOT commit Crime / Theft / Sin according to Natural Law.



He refuses to teach that Self Defense is right according to Biblical Teachings.

   Except its is UNWISE to use that strategy against Islamic State...

I think it is WISE to mute these people in order to protect your soul Against Biblical garbage.


For some people ignoring this message:

bad Bible teaching is like poisoned fish for the soul.

It may even get You hospitalised in Psychiatric Hospitals.


Illusion/Satan loves confused people. 

They HARM The Cause of Truth.

Be ware...!


Sadly we Expect the Moronic bible thumping Epidemic to GET infinitely WORSE as a reaction to the Antichrist...


 Please REFRAIN from it and Shield Yourself from IT!


We believe the Bible is simple:

Know and Love Reality above All, Your Neighbours as Yourself, don't commit nor condone Crime, and the Antichrist calls Fiery laserbeams from the sky and is with Islamic State.


Allmost all of the letters of the Apostles are about the Antichrist...


Please refrain from applying Rocket Science to the Bible...