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Defense Against The Dark Arts 23: Different Forms of Magic(k)

We believe that There are different forms of Magic and Sorcery.


Lets talk about a few of them and Name these Experiences with names of which some We made up ourselves and others are as old as Humans:



( Old term )

"Stage Magic":

This is trickery, using objects, people and Deception...


Its all for fun, and those who experience it, have probably bought a ticket, or at least most of them choose to be in the same room as the Stage Magician.


( Made Up Term )

"Baneful (Stage)Magic".


This is, when the same techniques that Stage Magicians use, are used to get away with crime.

The Simplest form of "Baneful (Stage)magic", in law, is called a Scam.

It's Deceiving people to think and feel like they can get something valuable out of closing a deal, when in fact there is no reward or the reward is of statisticly significant less value than they expect.


The most Extreme forms of

"Baneful (Stage)Magic" are found in the Movies called:

"Now You See Me" ( 1 and 2 ).

They are about Bank Robbers who use Stage Magic to steal and escape from Police.


( Old Term )


Sorcery is using occult or other kinds of KNOWLEDGE purely for Your own benefit.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The problem is when it harms others or the cause of Freedom.

Ofcourse then it is called:

( Made Up term ) "Baneful Sorcery".


  ( Old Term ) 


Magick is the Art of using rituals creating change to get something You want to do.


Cooking for instance is creating something You wish to eat.


Getting the potts and pans, putting butter and water in them and putting them on the fire, and reckoning it so everything is ready at the same time, is a Magickal Ritual, called Cooking.


Ater that comes the Ritual of Dining:

Laying the Table, Eating, Cleaning the Table and Doing the Dishes is a Ritual to stop being hungry and cleaning up the mess after the ritual.


The Magick Rituals of Cooking and Dining is needed to gain the Magickal blessing of a nice evening and a full stomach.


Baneful Magic(k) however, is using knowledge and rituals to harm people or to harm the Cause of Freedom.


Torture is an example of Baneful Ritual Magick.


 Another word for deliberate forms of 

"Baneful Magic(k)", "Baneful (Stage)Magic" and "Baneful Sorcery" is Crime.


Which offcourse is SCIENTIFIC STUPIDITY.


( Old Term )



Magic is a form of Magic(k), Using a mix of Knowledge, Experience, Technology and /Or Rituals to create something that is in the best interest of Freedom.


Building and Maintaining This Website is a combined form of Ritualistic Sorcery, Magic and Magic(k): 


You need Knowledge and Knowhow on Computers, Browsers, Servers, Money, The Knowledge that is subject of this Website.

( The Ritual to obtain the Knowledge and Knowhow is called Studying, lots of Studying, Tinkering ( doing it Yourself with or without an experienced Teacher ) and Communication Skills.


You Also need the technology itself.

The ritual is sitting down with the required technology and actually step by step building the Site...


You need to know about the Ritual of Sales and know basic Calculus and about the mechanics of Bank Accounts to buy a Domain Name, You need income which is a ritual in itself called a job, or when with bad luck, its called welfare, and You need time and Effort.


To know whats on this Website, and Afterwards create this Website with all it's contents took me round and about 15 Years of Mundane Reading and Studying the Web, 8 Years of programming, more than 10.000 Video Studying hours on Udemy.com and more than 700 hours of only the study of the Occult.



This Website is not harming people deliberately.


It is not Baneful Sorcery, nor is it Baneful StageMagic nor Baneful Magic.


Because it may cause harm to some people who harm themselves with the Knowledge on it, but it's pure Magickal purpose is to spread the Magickal Teaching of Freedom.