Defense Against the Dark Arts 8: Goddess Circe

Lets look at the old english and greek meaning of the word "Church"...

Well, it derives from the dutch word "Kerk" which derives from the Greek word "Kirke".

This word stems from the Greek Goddes "Circe" ( pronounced "Kirke") whom invited her victims into her house.

Then she confused them with herbs and changed them into pigs.

The lesson here is that 99% of Churches have the same effect; You will be changed into a confused pig whos heart is pure, but because of the spell ( or sermon ) and the herbs in fact acts like an asshole, a liar, a cheat and most of them act like plain Swine.


This spell can in extreme sectarian or protestant cases only be broken by a years long process which starts with leaving the Church, dont touching the Holy Book anymore, and by studying Natural Law, alligning your behaviour to freedom and true morality.


Not because you fear Hell and you think it has to, or gets any rewards in heaven, but just because its the right thing to do...


You don't need a Church for that..

Just knowledge...


A Mosque stems from the Arabic Masjied, which means "To Bow down".


Free people never bow down...


We treat the King of Kings with respect and awe, but see Him as a wise character, we see as a Friend.

The Muslim is a slave of Allah according to Qur'an.


We as Free people have a choice:

We can uphold Natural law, or we dont.


The Consequences are ours.

We are Free men.

The theology of Islam is one of Fascism with an Invisible Leader, just as is Fake Christianity ( Gristendom in Dutch, because Grissen means to take everything away ).


I believe The True teaching of Christ has mostly NOTHING to do with churches, mosques and synagogues. 


If you are open to the teachings of Christ, you allready have seen a part of His teachings: Natural Law.


When You understand this fully, you will realise the fake assery and Hypocrisy in Christianity has NOTHING to do with following Christ.

When we look at Judaism, the word Synagogue means: Congregation.

It is the Israëli system of coming together around the teachings of Mosje or Moses and the Prophets ( the Nevi'im ).


Natural Law is the Same teaching aswell of Rav Mosje ( Moses ) and of Lord Jesus Christ.

The difference is that the language and symbols are different.

I think the problem with Judaism is not Rav Mosje, nor the Israelis.

Its the false YHWH entity Mosje followed.


It seems to me it was an unrighteous murderer usurping power and abusing Torah to kill.

I think this entity hostaged Israel in the days of Moses.


I call it Satan.


However: Israel teaches to its people:

There was a good reason for every murder it committed.

Egypts Firstborn:

Retribution for Israels Firstborn.

The Plagues: 

Strategy of the Israeli Entity to claim superiority over Egypts Gods.

Killing of Pharao and its men in the Red Sea:

They tried to kill the Israelis.

Joshuas men attacking all kinds of tribe people in Kanaan:

They where as bad as ISlamic State and had to be destroyed.

But: How do you explain the torture of half of Israel in the Desert, for 40 Years long, because they Disobeyed the entity by for 5 minutes not wanting to go into the Land?

How do you explain the deaths of 24.000 people with the excuse:  Eli, a priest, did not behave?

How do you explain 14.000 Deaths because of a word, Shibboleth, not spoken correctly?

See The "Body Count God"-video on the page called:

The Dark Side: Islamic State 

Is that Love?


So if an entity kills like this for seemingly very stupid reasons...( As proven in the video...)

how on earth can it be love and Justice?


Israelis might be able to answer that, but I cannot...