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Defense Against The Dark Arts: Team "Moron"...

This Video is about Team "Freedom". 

NOT about Team "Moron".

You have got 2 kinds of Natural Law students.


Team "Freedom", and Team "Moron"...

The video above this chapter shows; team Freedom.. 



We will discuss Team "Moron" here.

This is so you will not be deceived by their Stupidity.

Team Moron is a really sad kind of confused people without common sense, calling themselves "Christians".


A few of their "positive" (that's Cynical ) actions are:

They Turn Christ Into a Guy from Fantasyland, You must worship,

And make of prayer :

Talking to the air or

saying things with hands folded, into the air To a Dead man...


They threathen you with eternal Damnation, just for disagreeing with them, and dare to call it righteous to threathen people with torture and suffering.


Its intellectual Sloth and not being able or willing to debate ones own crappy and medievil points of view...




They worship people in white costumes, who fuck them out of their money and deliberately keep them poor...


These people call "bad" and its "good" and the other way around.


Be (A)ware for those who call the Good: Bad and the Bad: Good.

   ( Isaiah 5 Line 20 ).


They worship in a special kind of way:

They get a kind of fake Ass Epileptic Seizures and call it "Falling into the Holy Spirit"...


And they say they can heal people, when in team Moron almost everybody who "Gets healed" is a stage actor, fooling the people out of their money or worse:


Someone who gets into trouble because the faith healer DOES have occult healing abilities, but disrespects the set Terms and Conditions that apply to healing.

( ONLY IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS IT is Allowed to heal Someone using the laying on of hands )

When we look further, we see a few hidden common sense rules for the Church Leaders of "Team Moron":

"The lighter the colour of their suit, the bigger the Criminal".

"The bigger the show, the more Dangerous the Criminal".

"The bigger the miracles, the more illicit control they try to get over their followers".

And: When they call Laser beams from the sky to burn something on altars ( Elijah Crap, Revelation 13 ), they belong with Islamic State...

Furthermore: You just might find these mostly 40 to 60 year old well suited criminals in a brothel, even when they are married and have 3 or more kids...


Or you might catch them having sex with minors in the park.

What romans 1 Condemns... Sex with minors. 


And even worse, some of them rape church kids.

More about their forms of Worshipping a Dead Christ:


They call it "Service":

Then, under a cup of coffee, they frame you and eachother for the murder of Christ, a murder you weren't even there to witness, let alone commit.


They count upon the inheritance of the houses of the dead church widows and they preach freedom and twist it into slavery.

And they tell fairytales as if they where history...

An old church joke ( about Team Moron ) goes like this:

"I went to the Pentecostal community last Sunday.

I saw people flying around, confused, confusing myth with reality and threathening everybody with eternal damnation...

Then their Minister came to me and said:

"We Cast Out Demons, Even the Devil Himself...".

And I told him plainly:

Thats true...but ALSO EVERYONE ELSE"....

And I Ran for the Exit!

I agree with Seth on this one...


Although its not the fault of Christ nor of the Bible, which taught the Science of Natural Law... NOT THIS GARBAGE!!! 🤔🤔🤔

How the Lord viewed Team Moron according to Scriptures:

The lord saw the Pharisees as people who became Aggressive against Common Sense.

They did'nt care if it came in the form of a Sad message, or in the Message of a Feast...

They did not want Common Sense Ministry around, because It Exposed their Lies and they Rejected God No matter If the Game He played was fun or not...

They only cared about their own Dopey whining game of the Dead...( Ministry that is NOT based upon common Sense ).

They cared only about the "Team Moron" Game...