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Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Atheism.

This Website is about my religion 

(or Soccer team): Team Christ, according to the Jewish and Christian Scientific Spiritual  Tradition of Natural Law.

Its intention is to solve many problems in this team.

I like to compare all religions to soccer teams.


Judaism is Team Moses.

Christianity is Team Christ.

Islam is Team Muhammad,

Buddhism is Team Buddha.

And Atheism is a group of people that believes that soccer is dumb.

   All Soccer teams are humans.

And we should respect eachother no matter what Soccer team we prefer, or even if we hate Soccer...


Why do Geert Wilders and the PVV fear the Soccer team of Islam?


I believe that they Fear this "Soccer team" because more than Half of the people of team Islam, when in the stadium called Earth, are acting like an angry, abusive, murderous and rioting mob of Hooligans.

  And there are causes to that, that I do not fully understand...

The Problem with the PVV ( Or  the Dutch Freedom Party ) is that the Soccer team of Islam is not a problem in Itself.


I do feel like the Soccer team of Islam should be more aggressive in kicking Hooligans out of their club.


Why do many people hate Christians?

Because many of them most of the time blame all other teams for things that aren't bad.

And some of them are self righteous Hypocrites, lacking Common Sense.

 So Our team is just as lost as the rest.

We are all lost...

This team therefore is not about being self righteous, but about loving Christ, Our Neighbours and (Y)ourself.

And we may fail in that just as much as others.


Why do many people hate Jews?

Misinformation, Selfishness and Jealousy of their succes.

And a misunderstanding of the background of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict.