The Enemy:

The word "Satan" explained...

Satan is an English word, which is derived from the Greek:


In Greek, (  the word is: "Satanas" ) it means "Opponent"

You could say it means: "A Prosecutor", or 

a "Rival with evil intentions".


Someone who:

Not only wants the same goal as you do, but also ( Not like You ) has the intention to use the shared goal as a weapon to block you from being Free".

( Interpretation ).


A "Slanderer".

Someone who slanders the Saints and oppresses them by false Accusations and turning the tables unjustly against them.


In Hebrew it means: "Foe", or "Obstacle".


Almost the same interpretation as:



However, In Hebrew It may also just mean:

"an obstacle which prevents you from reaching your goal, which must be conquered".


In Kabbalah ( the meaning of the Hebrew Symbols )  however, "Satanas" means: "Illusion".

The meaning of this word is best described as:

The consequences for Society of the Diseased Psyche of most of ManKind who are mostly WILLINGLY without knowledge of Natural Law.

 Science would call this Spiritual force; Entropy.


In Hinduism they have coined an Indian word from the Baghavad Gita, which means exactly the same as Satan:

Its called: Maya.

Who is Satan?

Satan is multiple things:

1) The Human Mind of People without trust in Natural Law.

2) A Hebrew legend in which He is the most beautiful Angel in the world.

Beware when you go for looks:

Satan was an Angel who manipulated all unjust people using the Torah, and is the End Times Demon who leads Islamic State.


3) Allegorically, Possibly YOU! Your personal spirit is possibly trained by People around you and yourself, to resist simple Natural Law Principles.

This causes snapping, irritation, anger, frustration, self-deception, judgement, fear and so on.

The trick here is:

Watch yourself and work upon occult self development...

Are you doing harm?

Dont judge yourself.

Just correct your perception and actions to a less harmful way.

Doing harm is a form of theft...

So learn from it and stop stealing...


Matthew 16 lines 15 to 23 might be worth reading...

Watch how Christ points to Himself as He says to Peter: Upon this rock I will put My Church.

And how He calls Peter: Satanas ( or Satan ).

It means Obstacle.

And it can be seen as a metaphore for the by the Catholic Churches caused Darkness in Medievil times, by focusing on the teachings of Peter instead of those of Christ, Science and Natural Law..