Light: what to do about Burn Out:

A Burn-Out is a problem to many people.
The reason people have it, is:
Too much responsibility for too long.


It messes with peoples minds, it wears out their bodies and it destroys relationships.

When someone has a Burn Out, there is a Simple solution however:



Take 1 to 5 Months off.

The first day, you will buy all kinds of good foods, like canned fish, salmon and bread, with Cheese and good meat.

You will also buy prepped meals.

And you will need fresh water ( Bar le Duc )...

all this is needed for at least 8 Weeks.

You will cancel all Your Obligations.

You will cancel all your appointments for 8 weeks.

If people start to argue: politely tell them no...

And that night:
You go to sleep....

You wake up for a meal the next morning:
And You immediately go back to sleep.

You repeat this until the 6 weeks are over.

Good foods, with only sleep, day and night.

And you accept your thoughts: Dont Fight them.

 After the 6 weeks, you are refreshed and your energy is replenished.

Some people will have to take 2 months ( 8 Weeks ), Others will take 5 months, and some are done within a Month.


No fuss with Psychiatrists, no destroying your health.

Just giving yourself what you need.

Food, and Rest.

it is important that you sleep 19 of every 24 hours, and 5 hours you will need something to do.

It may be wise to have a helpful neigbour where you can rest during the day, when you are awake, but not through the first 19 hours.

After the 8 weeks, you start to take walks again.

Then you reflect on your burn out, and start to look for your own wants and needs.


After 12 weeks, you will be able to know what you want and it might even include to leave the job or spouse you are with.


As long as you are honest with yourself, do whats best for YOU.

After the 5 months rest, Exercise 5 Minutes a day for a month.


 After that make it Ten.

The month after that, 15, and so on, untill you reach 30 minutes of exercise each morning and evening.



When Frustrated, Use the Frustration You feel Only to advance within Your Exercising Program:

Leave the people You love ( Or hate ) out of it.