Light: Conflicts...

Actually, what are Conflicts...?

To me, Conflicts are power struggles.

Also the English Language has something to say; 

The word "Con" means: Together. ( in Latin )

The word: "Flict" means: to strike, or to punch. ( Latin ).

It also means: Contest.

So the best way to see a conflict is: 

A Powerstruggle or a Tug of war.

So why did the Engineers of the Latin and English languages call a conflict a tug of war in punching verbally?

Because That is EXACTLY what happens.

Everytime you find yourself drawn into a conflict, you are in a battle for who has the longest breath, insulting eachother.

The question is: WHY?


The Answer is simple: 

One of you ( or both ) sees the other as an object.

Either You or any Other person or group is looking for answers OUTSIDE themselves.

Aswell as Outside the realm of knowledge.

The problems this creates are legion.

1) Tug of War.

2) Agression.

3) Misunderstanding.

4) Bad Team Spirit.

5) Bad Teams.

6) Bad Ideas.

7) Cold Conflicts.

8) Broken Relationships.

9) Struggles and mind games.

10) unneccesary suffering.

These are but a few.

What are the deep root causes of Conflicts?

1) Seeing people as objects.

We need this to justify ourself, instead of seeing them as people.

2) Denial of Item 1.

3) Drama, because you dont see that you are doing items 1 and 2.

4) Switching between seeing people as humans and as objects, without choosing one of them.

Lord Jesus Christ said:

"You cannot serve two lords.

For You shall either Love the First lord and hate the Last, or You shall serve the latter and hate the First".

So what to do about it?

Simple; Choose to learn how to always See People as People from now on...

Even when they are in Conflict with You....

We all can be human about it.

Watch the 2 videos from Ted-X about Conflicts.