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Light: Correct teachings About Magick and Sorcery

Sorcery is mentioned in the Bible.

Its seen as evil in the eyes of Reality, which is also Natural Law.


Because its ABUSE of Occult knowledge

( An Occult Term for Bullshit )

And much Occult "Knowledge" is not knowledge at all, but Negative Knowledge.

Lets take a look at the biblical teachings on Sorcery:


The word used 4 Witchcraft in Deuteronomy chapter 18 line 10

(Strongs Dictionary 7080, Hebrew)

Actually means: Divination, predicting the future in ways NOT using knowledge with or without the Prophecies of the Lord.

Why? Because It is foolish.


These Texts have nothing to do with Wicca Light Magic(k).

"But does that mean the Occult is Evil"...?


We know that it does not mean the Occult is evil.


The Occult exists of the scientific mechanics of Morality we call Natural Law.


This might sound funny, but its true...

As teachers of Morality, we know Morality is not evil.


the Video means:

Abuse of Natural Law and the Occult is evil.

Sorcerers, Fortune tellers and people who consult the Dead are Charlatans using Baneful MagiC.

They use Magic ( Like a Stage Magician ) and trickery to lead you astray in order to get something out of it, Mostly Money.


Spiritual Magicians, luckily, are not sorcerers...


Magicians are more friendly types like:

Gandalf, Dumbledore, Harry Potter and...:

The Christ...!

Magicians use the Natural Law aspect and more useful things of the Occult to make people become and Remain free.


When you abuse this knowledge, then Its Sorcery, and It becomes a Karmic problem Within Natural Law.

Someday You Will pay the Karmic Price for that ...