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Different forms of Dumb or Illegal use of Natural Law. 

Some forms of Sorcery are WRONG, because they cause Damage to people. 

Other forms of Sorcery are Plain Dumb, because they achieve NOTHING and unnecesarily mess with Your head. 


Sorcery that is WRONG, is:

Calling Good whats Bad and calling Bad what is Good...

And Using Natural Law to attack people that don't endanger people.

This is a Broken connection to Reality, and leads to karmic consequences for you as a Sorcerer and to those who hear it.


Sorcery that is also Wrong is:

Denial of the WRONGNESS of your own negative actions.

This is called lying.

It is Abuse of the Magicians Power.


Sorcery that is causing Negative Karma, is Abusing people that do not know Natural Law, without Just reason.


There is only 1 valid reason to treat the Nescient as Evil.


That is when they Endanger people. 

Especially the bad kinds of Witches Covens are good at this. 

They often abuse the knowledge of Natural Law to attack Christians, who do not (Yet) understand Natural Law.


I deem it Unwise to join a Coven, because its a control system. 

There are Three study Years for a Wiccan.

However, most Covens only initiate people their leaders like, in Year Three.


Most Covens are expensive, and some are cults that revolve either around obeying the leader(s) or that revolve around Abusing Muggles... ( Non Magicians ).

Furthermore, most Covens are plainly Confused people. 


If You want to be a Wiccan, seek a Solitaire Teacher You can trust.

Sorcery Gone Wrong:

Magickal Confusion

The Milk Jug Experiment:

Many Wicca Spells described in books about Wicca, and Used in Covens, harvest the Same Optical Illusion.

Offcourse prayer doesn't work like this... 

Prayer in Natural Law offcourse works like this... :

(Christianity.com has forgotten this...). 

Other Spells just do not make any Sense, because they do not have ANY effect... 


An Example:



Other, just creepy Magick Spells not only do not make any sense...

Worse than that, they revolve around Control, through the Mind, do not change Anything, are insulting to the ones on which the Spells are aimed on. 

And at the same time are Milk Jug B.S.


An Example:



These kinds of New Age Cults don't know anything of the Spirit of Christ, Natural Law and need a firm Mr. Miyagi handling...