Light 13:

Condemnation, now what?

Condemnation is called the ONLY weapon of the Devil...


Offcourse He has other weapons, that are much more dangerous.


His Entire Kingdom rests upon 3 pillars: 

Crime, Moral Relativism, ( Lies ) and Condemnation.


So: what is condemnation?

It is You, condemning Yourself for acting wrongly.


I for instance, was pissed off at myself for not keeping the Corona covid_19 lockdown measures for 5 seconds, when my neigbour had Her birthday.

I hugged her, and people found out.


This is now temporarily a SIN according to Natural Law...


Its a SIN, because I endangered people with that hug.

When She gets infected, 200 others might be infected, and I might be responsible for 10 Corona deaths.


I started to condemn myself:

How could I be so stupid, So dangerous, such an ASS?


and I realised that God doesn't judge me, even when I almost endangered 5 people.


Nothing happened after this incident, luckily no one got sick...


but it started to make me think about more deeper lying issues in my life.


If god does not condemn, who is doing the condemning through people that effect me with their negative remarks and DIS_acceptation?


The answer was:

Me and them.


The Bible calls it ( Inner ) Satan.

Satan condemns and tries to torture People with Guilt, Self Hatred and Fear.

Its His best Strategy, next to Moral Relativism and Crime.


So I observed my Mind and I realised: 

I subconsciously tried to win the approval of those who condemned me in a way that effected me...


This is unnessecary, because Christ Himself destroyed THE RIGHT TO CONDEMN WITHOUT A DIRECT THREAT, on the Cross.


What I did to break free of ( Self? ) Condemnation was listening to the Spirit of God, whois not only Righteousness, but also Love.


He forgave EVERY Crime and Stupidity in my life and also in Yours.



It is Us who should stop condemning ourselves and Eachother.


When we stop looking for Approval, and realise that God/Nature/The Universe/Reality allready accepted Us, and that We insult The Cross with assuming God condemning us

( And that God just wants Us to stop that behaviour, not to hate ourselves for it ), we can be free of our own torment.


When Judged, Ask Yourself:

Am I committing a Sin?


If the answer is No:

Ignore the feedback, By saying: 

I will think about it...

    ( If they ended up to be right, acknowledge that ).


If the answer is Yes, 

well, Repent....


If its unclear for You, You where Wrong: 

Buy time to think about it.



I need to think about what You said...

give me a month...

Then sort your things out and thank them for Your Feedback afterwards.