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Light 14: Doing Business and Trust...


The Word is Latin for:

That What Must come First...


Before going "into business" with anyone, you should always check If and Why YOU trust them...





If the Answer to that question is NO!...?


Don't do business with them.


If the Answer is Yes:

Do Business with them.


If the Answer is Unknown to YOU:

Test their Reliability.


Then ask the Question again.


The Occult sees You as a Company aswell.


And to some extent, there is some truth to that:


When you Marry, You go into a Business Contract with Your partner.


When You Divorce, You negotiate eachothers Assets.

( The Kids Included ).


When You Steal, You Bring Harm to another Business and You give them Disadvantage.


When You Sue someone, You are Saying:

You aren't Satisfied with them conducting Business with You, and You want Recompense.


When You Buy or Sell, You are doing Business.



You are compared to a "Company".


And Good "Companies" trust eachother.


Bad "Companies" arent to be trusted.


And Deceivers discredit Good "Companies".


The Last happened to Christ.


A Rule is; Anyone who REJECTS Natural Law, When You have thorougly explained to them, I Ironically call:

"Bad Company".



Their Business is Untrustworthy.


They deliberately reject the Rules.


I warn All of You...

Do not vote for, NOR Associate with "Bad Company...".


But Have A Care:

Not all people who disrespect the Natural Law rules KNOW the rules.


Therefore Try to Train them first.

Because only 8% of the World KNOWS Natural Law.


If they Resist Training, AFTER proper Explanation...:


Thats (A) Bad Company...

Do not "Associate" With Them...


It only gets You into Trouble...


If a Company Accidentally gives out a Bad Product, and Recalls It, It Recognises Its Blunder.


Such "Companies" are Good Company, because They Admit their Mistakes...

And They try to Restore Trust....


But Beware of "Companies" that deny that they sell crap...!


Natural Law Newbies might want to look into who they Trusted Before knowing Natural Law...


There might be trouble to be found within Your Circle of Trustees...

And there might be Friends outside of That Circle...