Light: Christ and Allegory...

( Peer Reviewed Science ).

On this page, I will give you some scientific materials on Christ as shown within the gospels.


The discoveries in the video are the reasons Why we believe in these 16 things.


Its Why we think religious Fundamentalism

( Literal Bible or Qur'an interpretation )

is ...

Both right and wrong...



It sometimes touches Scientific points of view, and also contradicts important science...

1) a Christ figure did exist.

He probably resurrected from the dead, was raptured, returned to Earth and died in India.

2) He might Not exist in the way the Gospels teach.

The Mythological Christ might be just that: 

A Myth...

We do accept the point of view that He died on the cross and

We believe the man is a Natural Law symbol for truth.

3) Death Exists and it is Real and Final

Its not a Threat.

4) The Christ was a Natural Law Occultist.

( Best compare these kinds of people to an early kind of Scientist ).


5) We believe He is coming back, but on the Meggido Plains to clean up the remnants of the Armies of the Antichrist.

He ain't coming back now to save your ass, so grow up and take care of your own trash.


6) We are under Serious attack of Islamic State, as predicted by The Apostles.


7) We cannot save the world anymore.

We only may live a life that blesses us and our neighbours, and Save the Free people by saving ourselves from self inflicted suffering.


8) A God ( outside Creation ) is not needed for sound Reasoning.

9)We believe that Only within Creation you can find the God  of Justice and the Energy of Truth.


10) We are here for ourselves, our families and our neighbours, and truth.


11) We have no obligations to God...

Natural Law, the Teaching of the Christ, therefore, is studied for the increase of our own consciousness and  liberties...


12) We are Free to do as we please, although our behaviours have light or severe Natural Law consequences we must reckon with...


13) we do not have to believe in a God outside Creation, because we know that everything in Creation is divine...


14) There are Hidden Stories and hidden forces of Nature, ( in Knowledge ), that supported The teacher called Christ...


15) These stories no longer remain hidden:

Christ was a guy, whom with the Apostles, played the script of The Story of Horus the Falcon God.


16) The Resurrection is not proven, not disproven:

When we are honest with ourselves its safe to say: we just do not know for sure.. 

We believe, Disbelieve OR Refrain From judgement about this topic.

Sadly Most people Believe OR Disbelieve without making a Scientific Judgement about the matter.


We  recognise It is dishonest for many disbelievers and naïeve of many believers to buy in to this rejection/accepting mode.

It is dishonest, because It ignores the facts. 


My motto on this is:

Don't believe anything and also don't reject anything...

At least when without understanding Both points of view and Both arguments.

I am convinced that I Do not have to choose between Osho's cold universe and This Image...


Neither Reality is proven.


In fact: I have experienced that these realities perfectly exist next to eachother...


Therefore I accept both realities as one side of the same coin.

Mark is not perfect.

He has anger issues.

I Don't Worship NOR blindly follow him.

His message is great.

Sadly many of my readers consider his tone too aggressive.

I agree with them.


Still, 99% of what the man says is true...