Light: Not All Muslims are Bad People...

Although I am convinced that Islam is a Foul and Evil System of Control...

This does not mean All Muslims are bad.

You need to realise a few things about them:

1) They are People like You.

2) They have learned Years of institutionalised Indoctrination including Jew Hatred.

3) Some of them may actually be Honest.

I met a few of them.

4) Its not the People I am against.

Its the Fascist Ideology that teaches that its okay to blow up people in the streets, butcher innocent kids and that teaches that its okay to Steal, which causes Harm.

5) Many former Muslims are Sick and Tired of ISlamic State.

They get comments about it daily, see it on the News and some where EyeWitnesses of the Atrocities of ISIS themselves.

6) some of them are honest but spiritually they are just lost and traumatised...searching for answers.


There are Honest and Righteous people in between.


Especially in China, the Government is WRONG.

But be careful...

because It may cost you your life to speak up...