Occulus Reparo, a real spell and its hidden feature.

Oculus Reparo...

An eyevision Spell.


Say the spell: Is it moral...?

Action: ask Google for information on the question and the subject of your choice.

Ask google for opposing views on the objective meaning of morality.

Order books that help you on your way.

Study them.

Implement the information you see as moral. 


Re evaluate.

Repeat or let go...

We all have a pair of damaged Paradigm-glasses....

In order to fix our third eye, ( the part between our eyes, with which we see memories, flashbacks, dreams and ideas ) we must really study upon this threeset of  questions:

1) Is the choice Moral?

2) Why is it Moral?

3) How do I perform a Moral action as best as possible, when confronted with a morality question?

Many discussions turn into bitchfights about if something should be "legal" or "illegal"...

Is it legal to own a gun?

Is it legal to hate Jews?

Is it legal to perform abortion?

Is it legal to implement the death penalty?

Is it legal to ...

Is it legal...?

Well you get the point.

It ends up in a 2 sided discussion that gives us No Common grounds whatsoever.

So lets replace all "Legal" words with "Moral".

Now everything clicks together and You see whats best to do...

Be Ware:

PragerU is NOT always Reliable.


We do feel like these 4 videos are Mostly Accurate...