Religions that do not fit me.




I think Its boring yourselves to death, while waiting for the Messiah when they missed that Boat 2023 Years ago...



Worshipping a Book Character called Christ, Instead of the writer called Christ.and fearing Hell and damnation.

Brown Nosing Lord Jesus Christ at Sunday Morning service.

Instilling unjust fear of god under hells duress.

Everyone who sees through that is deemed a heretic. 




Bowing down in a Masjied, ( Bow house, Arabic ).

5 times a day saying Penalty lines when bowing down on a mat.

7 times walking in Cirkles around a black box where the Moon Goddess Action Figure allready has been extracted from..

Throwing stones.

No Beer, No Hamburger, No Relationships.

Being Angry at the Israeli flag, even, when its symbols stands for Righteousness.

No Righteousness training in the Mosque, and mosquitos hovering above your shoes.

Walking in a Desert djellaba when living in the Free West.



Bathing in the most filthy river ever ( Ganges ).
Shit, Puke, Dead animals and Dead People float by when you have a swim.

Bowing down to graven images and Gods...

While Missing the lessons they convey...




Circular Reasoning:

Worshipping the King or the Government, without criticism, following orders that hurt people and not caring for the consequences.

Accepting that, an organisation called the State, steals from thieves, imprisons kidnappers, murders killers, lies to liars and so on.

Its not going to WOOORK...

That bullshit costed 100 MILLION people their lives.

The alternative is found on

However: Be wise.

I refrain from violence.


The Problem with God is that Many Christians Turned Him into a Devil.

When Condemning atheists unjustly to hell.

When the only problem is that Atheists do not know He exists and is Righteous.

Righteousness does not condemn people to hell for eternity.


Therefore: live a Righteous life...


Unrighteousness is not a strategy and it is not an option.