Soros Conspiracies...: BULLSHIT.


I have put a bunch of Materials upon this Web Site "exposing" George Soros as the Mastermind behind certain dubious organisations.


I have contemplated about it and I have come to realise it is a Conspiracy theory and that David  Icke and I Myself where wrong. 


I apologise for giving Soros a bad name and I have taken down the Materials that incriminate him.


One thing me, who is involved in the Occult  must do is be honest with myself.

Therefore I apologise.

This is because I Myself am convinced of the fact I was wrong.

Sometimes I Myself make mistakes because of putting my trust in corrupted data.



I AM convinced of almost all conclusions in this video, EXCEPT for;

1) the evil intent of George Soros.

2) the A.I. Idea that Humanity Will be destroyed by Google.


I am now convinced that at least these 2 ideas are False.

I believe that this is a better explanation of what is going on around George Soros: