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Forms of Spiritual Blockage:

Things to consider... 

The Kundalini Yoga exercise helps when You build up Frustration energy in Your Neck and shoulders area.

It lets it rise up to your head and spread at the bottom of the top of your head.

The exercise relaxes and transforms the heavy energy.

How to become healthy again... :

Underworked and Unemployed people:

Do these exercises every day for 3 months... 

Start using your hands 777 times a day. 

Start using your arms 777 times a day. 

Start using your legs 777 times a day.

ABOVE your Daily use of them. 

Start using your neck 5 times an hour.

And get out of Your head when thinking too much.

Overworked people:

Take 5 weeks off.

And use Your brain when it comes to efficient work and healthy boundaries.

Implement that knowhow on your job or choose another, lighter job...

Offcourse this does not count for quadriplegic people or those with cancer, aids or people which have had a loss of a limb...

It also doesnt apply to people who cannot train their bodies for whatever solid reason. 

This is for people with a trainable body.