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Personality-Type Tests...

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall..."...


You can Fabricate many personality types...


You can prioritise them by DSM IV Disease, Assertiveness, Occult Element ( Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood, and the 7 most known Planets of our Solar System), Astrology, Emotions, the Enneagram, Intellect, Creativeness ability to learn from their mistakes and 7 billion other ways of calling people names...


The untranslatable and extremely insulting Dutch words "Droeftoeter" and "Bruistablet" for instance are popular in managers circles: 

With "Droeftoeter" meaning one who is sad and not inspiring all the time and a "Bruistablet"  meaning one who is happy and enthousiastic all the time, according to the observer, not according to these people themselves.

Think about this:

The sad guy might be happier than you think.

And the happy guy might be both happy and sad aswell.

These stigmas create cartoon images of people on the workplace...and might lead to a disconnect from reality, which can end up disastrously...

And even You might tempt Yourself to put Yourself or other people in one or more of these catagories, confusing your core identity with these crappy personality tests.

But Lets Get Real Here:

Who Are We?

We Are Human Beings.

And Human Beings are bigger than ANY personality type created by Human Beings.

This Managers or Psychological Nonsense smells too much like attaching stickers upon people, in a misguided and failing attempt to create clarity.

So how CAN we see people properly?

Simple: Stop attaching book learned concepts to them.

People are just like You and Me... :


So lets be conscious about it...,

When we Start Watching, Asking, Listening, Observing and Serving Ourselves AND Our fellow humans, we might be able to see ourselves and them as we really are.

Lets be honest:

I consider it VERY insulting to my intelligence and Humanity, to be catalogued as a Personality type or a Disease according to some shrinks, confused Personality Wizards, or managers who make it up, smoking a cigar in in an office in New York or some place else ...

So lets stop this wise sounding crap and mumbo jumbo, even when its praised by people in suits with textbooks ...

And Lets begin to take it more seriously to know ourselves and others...

Because this kind of BULLSHIT will get us nowhere...!