Islamic State...

( Or: The "Other" Team.

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                     Or..The Why of Empowerment...

Briefly meditate upon this tekst from a Practical point of view...:

Islamic State is a kind of voldemort army.

I believe They are predicted in the bible and that the Apostles warned for this.


I will put some videos below to explain about Prophecy and the Enemy...



LINK ( dutch Article about EMNI ( ISIS Command Structure / Secret Service ).


Link ( English Article with almost same data ).


Sources: Google.com

Evil rules the world according to Christ.

I dont know if that is true.

It certainly seems that way....

The King that evil people want Dead...

I believe Christ is dead.

And His teachings are relevant to this day.

According to the New Testament, He warned of a conspiracy of the Dark Side.

The Dark Side wants to turn the world into Jihadists with a hidden Jihad Army.

There are Politicians in Europe, who are allowing this to happen.

To them I'd like to say the same as Professor Dumbledore in the next video:

I am also active on Twitter.

My Twitter account is:

StupidityIsASin @Nuhelaasanoniem

and Its Anonymous for the same reason Batman wears a Mask...

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What so sadly is going on, is a war between two groups of occult scientists.

of which one group wants to change you, me, our family and our friends into a jihadist...

I am not against people, but against dark Ideas...

I don't think Israeli or Arabic religionists are evil.

I do think many of their Ideas are and sadly it makes them evildoers...


According to the Bible, this is The Dark Occultists Plan:

To take over the World with A hidden Jihad Army...and a "Christian" "Prophet, who transfers the attention of the people of Earth  to the leader of a terror group like Islamic State.


Google "Islamic State Fighters EU...".

Or "Islamic State Refugees EU".

Ask Wikipedia for the term "GeoEngineering" and Connect the Dots...


This picture is a link to the

CWAA-Self Defense Project.


The Picture below shows the Greek symbols that are found in the Bible.

The same symbols as the Arabic "Bis'Millah".

They are translated with 666.

However: The text does not say 666 in Greek.


This is the greek word for word text translation...:

Revelation 13:17-18

Source: www.biblehub.com


"He that has understanding, reckon ( keep alert of ) the Multitudes ( People ) of the Beast:

His Multitudes (unknown, probably: Wear) a badge of servitude ( Charagma ) upon the Right Arm ( Dexios ) or Forehead, which says:  In the Name Of Allah".

Theres something to think about...

Moral relativism...:



This is not about falsely condemning Gay people or night-parties for non existant "sin".

All people have committed another kind of Sin/Injustice:

Crime to Self, Others, Reality and Nature...

Become Righteous again through accepting Love,  Consciense and Natural Law as the ONLY ways to Freedom...

No Natural Law? No Love? No Conscience?

You dont Ever get into Freedom without this Trinity of Choices!