The FAILURE of Islamic State...

Islamic State has a proven hidden army of 165.000 Jihadists hidden between the refugees since 2012.

(( Proof: Google I.S. Refugees and look at the number of Search Results )).


The best plan according to us, and for everyone who loves Freedom is this:


We need to be serious about building Safehouses.

And we need to have a battle plan.


the Governments of Europe are defeated.

Luckily The People aren't.


We will win this war when we do this:


1) We need to know HOW to convert our houses into Safe Houses.

2) We need to know HOW to convert our Neighbourhoods into Hidden Safehouse Networks.

3) We need to know HOW to convert the People into a well trained well armed but Friendly Militia.

4) We need to know HOW to have a secure plan in which we can aquire foods.

5) We need to know HOW to stick together even when in War situations ( Peer Pressure, Team Spirit, Conflict Resolution etc...)

6) We need to know HOW to use arms.

7) We need to know WHEN and WHY to use arms.

8) We need to know HOW and WHEN to Defend Ourselves.

9) We need to be able to negotiate.

10) We need to keep it cool...


When we do this, it will be risky.

people will misunderstand, and possibly attack us.

They think we are trying to get them, when in fact we try to save ourselves from a deadly trap.


We need to keep this a secret as long as possible, but together we can defeat Islamic State.


We aren't Responsible for You.

You are Responsible for Yourself.

What will YOU Do...?


Join the Pikachu Movement...