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The Lie of Islamic State:

Islamic State has a proven hidden army of well beyond  400.000 Jihadists hidden in between the refugees since 2012.

  And there are another 500.000 trying to enter Greece... together with 3 MILLION refugees/Invaders.

(( Proof: Google Or DuckDuckGo

"I. S. Refugees" and look at the number of Search Results )).


For All of You there are 2 options.


Option 1: 

armour your homes and buy weapons.

  DO IT:


Option 2:

Let yourself be killed by Jihadists and go "Home"!


the Qur'an says:

Anyone who does not Serve Allah and His messenger, will belong to the Defeated...


Option 2 is about to humbly admit we have been defeated by a cheating opponent, that that is okay and there is no shame in that.

  and to "Go Home" without losing our Integrity.


I mean:

Do NOT give in to pressure to become Muslim.

We believe that Islam Is Slavery.

Do NOT use Violence against Muslims.

Do NOT use Force against a stronger enemy.


Remember: ANYONE Who takes the

Badge of Servitude or mark of the Beast ( The Jihadist Headband or Armband ) Will be destroyed Spiritually.



Righteous Privelege




It works fine.

Kick them to the Megiddo plains...