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The Truth is Within, and outside

 Get out of the Matrix or have fun inside It...?


Know Yourself. 

You create Your Reality. 

You know all Spiritual Truths.

Your Heart knows the Answers.


Internet is funded upon people SEARCHING for truth, when YOU are Truth.

You allready know truth within Your Heart. 

Stop Looking so desperately to give your time away to an overload on Contradictory Information.


The Truth is within Yourself and within ( Good forms of )  Science.

And The Rest is a mere reflection of other peoples ideas...

DO NOT fish for Truth there... 


With analytically proven I do not mean its true.

I just mean the mental construct is so solid that it cannot be directly refuted, although some things are clearly false.


Here are A Few contradictory Statements with very solid ( Closeminded ) reasoning and poor watching: looking at what is... :


Is Earth Flat? analytically Proven.

Is it a Sphere? analytically  Proven.

Did Kennedy get murdered by Oswald?  Proven.

Or by the CIA? Proven. 

Did Muhammad Atta and Osama Bin Laden, or George W. Bush bring the Towers down? Both Proven. 

Was Pim Fortuyn killed by Ad Melkert, Or by Volkert van der G.? Both ideas are analytically Proven. 

Does God exist, or Doesnt He? Both are Analytically Proven. 


The joke is:

The first aswell as the latter are proven to both teams of believers who contradict eachother and fight about them. 

They contradict eachother and cannot be both right. 


But Mathematically and from a common sense way of thinking, (Analytically spoken)  they are both right. 



Its impossible to be both right and wrong about these things. 


Therefore I can only say:

At Least one of each of these assumptions is false. 

Because we only see contradictory and at the same time proven contructions of assumptions and we cannot see which ones are true:


Therefore I have just proven that ALL OF OUR AND OTHERS BELIEFS ARE FALSE.

I think its time to START LOOKING AT WHAT IS, without assuming ANYTHING about it. 

These Fake Mental Gymnasics Things aren't truth... .


Truth is that which is.

And which is, is that I SAW Terrorists blew up the Twin towers, I SAW a livestream of the earth as (kind of) a sphere, I SAW that to proove God is an unclear exercise depending on the meaning of the word God, and I SAW Pim Fortuyn killed by Volkert van der Graaf.



I think We must Remain true to Our Eyes, Ourselves and to Morality. 


I only see self Deception in these kinds of fear based Reasoning :

Almost All good reasoning about these contradictory points of view fit and pass the test of Scrutiny... 

Which is offcourse MADNESS! 


The Only Answer is this:

ALL fear based Reasoning IS the Matrix. 

AND heart Felt CONSCIOUSNESS is the way Out... 


Work with the Matrix, be Conscious.


Know all points of view, do not see them as truths:

just listen...


We desperately wanna be good and do not know what Good is...

We wanna be RIGHT, and we don't even know how to discern Right from Wrong and Truth from lies.

We wanna be Loving, And we do not fucking know what Love is...