Team"Satan" / "Illusion"... :

Dark Occultists

What is the Definition of a Dark Occultist?


Dark: IT means Evil, Ignoreant, Resisting Truth.


Within the Light Occult however,  The Dark refers to blocked Magickal energy...


The emotions, thoughts and Actions of a Dark Occultist are not based in Morality.

That leads to what I call:

"Binding by consequences".


Natural Law is a Law of physics, that, if broken too many Times, with the deliberate intent of Breaking it, blinds the Thief for the consequences of his Actions.


Think about it:

Ever Saw a Happy Dark Occultist?


Darth Vader: Unhappy.

Voldemort and team: Unhappy.

Sauron and his orcs: Unhappy.

Hitler and team: Unhappy.

Stalin and team: Unhappy.

Pol Pot: Unhappy.

Mao Zedung: Unhappy.

Kim Jung Dynasty: Unhappy.

The Inquisition: Unhappy.

Jihadists; Unhappy.

Abusive Family Members: Unhappy.

Agressors: Unhappy.

Con men: Unhappy.

Murderers: Unhappy.

Idol Worshippers: Unhappy.

Fake Christians: Unhappy.

Cult members/leaders: Unhappy.

Lying press people: Unhappy.

Bullies: Unhappy.


And on and on...

In Dutch we have a name for such people: "Droeftoeters" ...:


It means people who unjustly spread sadness and pain where ever they Go...


Why are they so Unhappy?

Because their Magickal energy is blocked by the Resistance to understanding the consequences of Natural Law ( And that Karma traumatises them further into this Karmic black hole ).


Be ware:

They do Find a sadistic pleasure in Doing their Evil deeds.

But do not mix pleasure ( an emotion ) with happiness...( A state of Being )...



Conclusion: Dark Occultists are willingly trapped in the pain of the consequences of their Evil deeds.

Therefore a Dark Occultist ( aslong as he is a Dark Occultist ) lacks the ability to have Self Respect or Happiness.


Because to gain Self Respect, You need to fully understand And accept Natural Law.

And Doing this, ends the Darkness...


So what is a Dark Occultist?

A Dark Occultist is merely a smart Thief of his own consequences, because he resists Proven Scientific knowledge of Natural Law.


Even if he does accept the knowledge, but Abuses It, IT means he doesn't understand it fully.


From a Karmic perspective he is pissing on his own dining table.

And applying all impressive knowledge he has, a Dark Occultist

only creates mere Chaos.


Just Think about it...:

All of these Dark Occultists were a disaster to society....


It's sad and unneccesary...