The Spiritually "Schizoprenic Enlightenment _Problem"  And Its Solutions....

People who are Practising a Spiritual Path, like Natural Law Anarchonism, Wicca, Thelema or Buddhism, might Experience this:

At some Point You Will get a very Long Fight with: Yourself.


Like You are the observer and Your other part within You is a Judge that breaks You entirely.

These two Parts of You: You and the Judge, are at War.


What to do about the Judge?


Ignore it?

It doesn't get away.


Beat it? 

Its Stronger.


Cower before it?

It Will wear You Down.....


There are 4 ways You will Both need to defeat the Judge.

1) Realise, Reckon and Know: You are Flawed.

2) That is okay.

3) try to NOT give ANY of Your Verbal Power away to weakening Yourself in Relationship to the Judge... 

4) Learn Natural Law. ...


About Item 3...:

The voice Will not be able to get You after 3 to 6 months of Your Spiritual Ninja training in Item 3.


And It Will LOSE its function and will DISAPPEAR.


congratioulations: You Passed The Training Of Enlightenment.