Anger and the Occult:

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Mark passio explains the Function of Anger:

There are 4 forms of Anger:

1)Righteous Anger.

2) Unrighteous Anger.

These are building blocks of 4 kinds of Anger: 

3) Righteous Anger with Agression to an Agressive person.

4) Righteous Anger towards Oneself.

5) Unjust Anger towards An Agressor.

6) Unjust Anger towards Oneself.

People always Think they are Right.

But not all Anger is Righteous:

But ALWAYS there is a REASON.

Instead of condemning and Shunning angry people: ASK THEM WHY they are Angry.

We are not Evil if we Express ourselves in a Just way.

And even if not Just, we humans are defending something important to us ...