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Natural Law Explained:

Care, Knowledge, Courage.

There are 7 chakras in the human body ( actually more but this is an initiation, so lets leave it at 7 ).

They correspond with the 7 colors of the rainbow and with 7 spots on the human body.

It can be seen like this:

The 7 Chakras, Schematic

The Chakras are 7 energy wheels within the human body.

For the teaching of Natural Law we will look at the red one, the green one and the purple one...

Lets start at the Green one:

Its the control centre of the emotional brain.

Science ( biology, source; Magazine The Human Body, Dutch Episode ) has revealed that the heart centre has 40.000 neurons which process information.

The Purple one represents the energy of the Brain.

The Brain has or One hundred Billion Neurons.

Also the gut ( Red/ Orange ) has a significant number of which i do not know how much.

its not that important for this story.

What is important is that Green is the Heart and stands for Love or Care, or the desire to reach a goal or mindstate.

The Purple Chakra stands for Knowledge.

Knowing by way of knowledge, not by way of bullshit.

The Red chakra is on the spinal cord and represents action or Courage.

And they work together.

to Love, to Know, To Do.

Heart, Mind, Guts.


Care; Knowledge, Courage.

In that order.

Always; Green, Purple, Red.

This is the way humans decide any proper decision.

many people decide with the brain first.

that does not work, because the heart is the centre of the body. 

People who decide through the brain often feel frustrated...

because their cerebral wishes arent their heart based desires.

so only decide something when your heart tells you its something you want.

never decide out of frustration.