Natural Law Explained: Conscience

Conscience is the exercise of knowing the difference between Right and Wrong.

From a Scientific viewpoint, "Right" is every choice that does not create harm to animals or humans.

Science considers Every form of harm as a form of Theft Or Wrongdoing...

Lying is stealing truth, cheating is stealing a relationship, fraud is stealing the ability to choose through deception, murder is stealing life.

Now you know What actions not to do.

What actions are good?

All other actions.

All choices that are not theft are RIGHT, according to science.


Conscience is: asking yourself with every important choice: Is my choice a form of theft?

If the answer is "Yes":

Find another solution.

Except with food. 

You cannot "Not" do harm and stay alive.

Just minimise the damage if You can afford it. 

This is Why wrongdoing does not work...:

All Deliberate THEFT and Wrongdoing is exactly like this:

The process on how to choose right action over wrong action is called Apophasis.


it means: First to list or Evaluate your Deck of options and discard all of the wrong options. .

these options cause harm that isnt proportional to your goal.

E.G. a doctor might harm you by operating you, the goal is healing.

Someone might punch you on the face, the goal is venting anger.

in the first example the goal is proportionate to the harm caused.

the end result is hopefully healing.

in the second example, the guy who gets the punch, will not be amused.

the relationship between you and the poor fella is lost 

and your anger Its not effective. ..

 Its wise if you take the best and most intuitive option for you and everyone else.

if that is not possible, choose your own gain without doing harm ( when that fails, just get outta there...! )