Natural Law Explained: Definition

To define is make something finite.

it means to create clarity between people about complex agreements about words, systems, contracts, rules and so on.

The best way to define something, is to agree upon something, put it on paper and both ( or all ) parties sign it, to be agreed upon.

Natural Law is just a hidden law of Physics, which causes responses through the universe.

Harm gives negative results.

Doing Good, gives you Positive or neutral responses.

No Gods, No Voodoo.

Its Just a Law of Physics.

The law is simple:

its a house constructed upon these 3 rules:

Love Your Neigbours Like Yourself.

( Be conscious of your and other peoples best interests and try to respect them, aslong as they are not contradictory ) 

Do No Harm; But Take No Shit.

( Do not cause harm and dont let yourself be harmed ).

And Do not Do to Others, that what you do not want to be done unto you.

( Dont pull pranks you hate being a victim of yourself on other people )