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Natural Law Explained:

Definition of "The Occult".

The Occult is a Latin term.

It refers to the Eye ( Occulus ) and it means:

( Knowledge ) Hidden From Sight...

What is actually hidden from sight?

Knowledge on Natural Law.

"The Occult" in fact is the name of ALL knowledge

This means all fields of knowledge developed untill the highest levels of knowledge.

kinda like this pyramid ...

The term "Occult Knowledge" / "The Occult" when used upon this site does simply mean; Hidden knowledge.


The pic above this sentence is best understood like this:



According to Natural Law:

There are only 2 ways of knowledge:

Knowledge of The Self/Soul/Psyche. ( Lesser Arcana ).

And Knowledge of the World/Others/Knowhow.

( The Greater Arcana ).

Arcana just means Knowledge in Latin.

And they are knowledge about 2 worlds.

The Soul and The World.

this knowledge is equally important to know yourself...

And the World.

The Occult ( The Hidden ) is hidden by people for different reasons.

Light Occultists hide it, because of spiritual danger to the ones receiving it, or to prevent it from training people from the The Dark Side.

The Dark Side hides it for reasons of control.

Because this knowledge is hidden, it creates a power differential between those who possess it and those who do not know.

The Dark Side feeds upon the desire to control people.