The 8 principles of Natural Law

To care is to give enough damns for it, to do something with or about it.


The biggest virtue is to give a damn, and to FIRST STUDY, THEN use proper knowledge and knowhow to achieve the goals you want to achieve...for Yourself; Others And Truth.

Also known as the 7 Hermetic Principles, including an Eighth, called Care/Love.

The Principle of Mentalism...:


The cause of the universe is made of Mind.

Because of that, it reproduces Mind.

The Universe Itself is Mind.

But its intention is to Give experiences.

Not to Experience itself.

It cannot 

It has no emotions, no plans, no thoughts.

It is Life, but not as we know it on the earth.

The Universe produces Life, because It Is life.

The best way to understand the Universe, is to see it as Consciousness.

If you hear a Sunset at the beach, you might feel that consciousness.

If you want to change anything within your life, you need to get rid of all fixed beliefs within yourself.

NOTHING is true.

except for Science.

However: You have a personal Truth.

That is Your World.

Stick to it, untill it no longer serves You.

Then: Seek new experiences and Discard the old ways.


The Principle of Correspondence:


As Above, So Below.

This means that the Universe is a Fractal/Hologram.

Whenever we zoom in until the measuring equipment fails us, or we would become bigger as our galaxy, the same patterns repeat...

above us, planets.

below us; molecules and atoms.

they are almost the same.

within us: Brains.

Outside and around us: Threads of Galaxies and Consciousness.

Everything is a fractal or hologram.

our mind is a holographic mirror of the Universe.

But Our Universe by some is believed to be a Fractal which repeats bigger emptiness, planets and stars ad infinitum...


The Principles of Vibration and Rythm...:

All things move to decay.

This means all is falling apart.

But its an illusion.

because all matter is clotted energy at a molecular level...

The entire galaxy is energy, whether its matter or mind.

And Nothing is without a Vibration.

Correspond to its Vibration, and you might be succesful at getting its cooperation...

The Principle of Rhythm is kinda the same.

Its like the Ebb and Flow of the Ocean:

When its ebbing, you might scavenge the beach for pretty shells.

when it flows, that is way harder.

To use the tides and frequencies of people, nature or events, is being smart, and its not being manipulative.

Because if you do not use these things, you would be in big trouble ...



The Principles of Polarity and Gender;

Polarity infers contradiction to many people.

South is not North, Down is not Up, Dark is not Light, Cold is not Heat.

But who looks a little deeper, will see that every "negative" of the polarity, is a lack of the positive side.

and sometimes; like up and down, they are constructs of the human mind used to locate People, Things, Places, Plants and Animals.

And the Night follows upon the day.

So in what extend are these things contradictory?

none at all.

About the principle of Gender: 

People have both aggressive / Assertive aspects aswel as receiving aspects to their Soul Nature.

The Agressive / Assertive aspects are considered Male Energies.

The Receiving / Submissive aspects are considered Female.

This is what Yin and Yang stand for...

But I personally see no need to know that new age stuff.

Its important not to over analyse it and not get the work we should be doing, done.

The Principle of Cause and Effect:

This is Natural Law, combined with the field of Science that you need for your job or for self development.

A few things about it:

Every effect has its Cause.

Everything comes from some other thing.

Except for Creation itself.

It is Eternal, has created Itself and Its the First Cause

( the Big Bang is the first cause ).

There is no God, but Natural Law is a Law of Physics.

The Ancient Christians, who walked with Christ, had Tremendous Respect for Natural Law and Creation.

They believed that Creation Itself is the Reality / God of Israel.

This Natural Law Religion later on became Science and Atheism.

The misunderstandings of the Bible became Christianity.

The thing to get away from this is:

Christ was a Teacher of Natural Law Deism, who became The Image of Natural Law ( The Word of God ) NOT of Worship nor Religion.


Causes and Effects in the Universe are like fish in the sea.