Truth vs Perception

Truth is often too mystified.

People in various Spiritual communities call it: The Path of the hand of God; That which cannot be known, or the mystic way of the universe.

and so on...

This is offcourse confusing to everyone who wants to understand Truth.

the Definition of Truth is simple according to the Philosophy of Natural Law:

Its everything that happened in the Past and the Present...

Or to put it simple: That Which Is...

Thus Said the Lord;

I Am that which Was, which Is, And that which Will Be...

According to the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ Entity can see Past, Present and Future aswell.

But for us mere mortals, it can be wise to start to look at history and now.

And then, change the Future for the better.

Past and Present are impossible to change.

it is allready set in stone by time.

Truth and Perceptions are not the same.

No matter how much we like to believe that our Perception is the Truth, it is not.

We may believe that a red wall is in fact green, but it stays red.

If we have got the right Knowledge, We may want to  paint the wall green, in the hope it will meet our need for creativity and color, but nothing changes the fact that it was red in the past.

We can change the Future, but we cannot change the Past.

What our job is, in this overwhelming time of deceit and ignoreance, is to allign our perceptions with Truth.

Just like the next picture indicates, I want to be prepared to let my wish of being right go, and look at the Truth as it is ..

A widely known Perception Problem of Empirical Science Explained...: