How to deal with some people who want to hurt You when You discuss these materials.

In Agology, the science of change, It is known that Humanity is afraid of Change.

More than anything, people fear change.

And 60% or more of ALL people, i am sorry to say, are COWARDS.


And the materials are new to them.

This means they have to change, are afraid to change and feel forced to change.

So don't be surprised when they start with

what I call: Mr smith mode...


They are the system.

They are victims of their own constructs of the mind.

They are people who just don't get it.

And because they don't wanna do the hard effort, they just abuse You when You talk about this.

It's Cowardice and Stupidity.

Just be compassionate:

most people are like that.

No matter how you think, feel, plead or do:

They won't agree with you and they will lash out at you no matter how high the veracity is of your verbal contribution.

Accept that.

Do not retaliate.

Just smile, don't retaliate, feel compassion, ( think something like; they won't get it and that's fine ) and continue with your life.

It's not your job to be an ass whisperer.

So let them be, no matter how abusive they get.

Let it be... ( The Beatles ).