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Why we think The Christianity Paradigm is Flawed...

We believe Christianity is a dangerous cult, that oppresses Christ and real Freedom.


Its tactics are Manipulation through Antagonising and unneccesary Fear of Hell, Misrepresentation of Scripture, Making a monster of Reality and Christ, and Taking away Critical Thinking Skills from the Believer.


As I have expressed at the Home Page:

This Website is NOT about Christianity.

Its about Freedom.


I believe that Christianity is a Cult, no matter its Protestant, Catholic, Anglican, Coptic, Greek.


I know this for certain, because I experienced it at First Hand, that Its A CULT.


I believe Mark Passio teaches Christs Teachings, and Christianity and Its churches are all a Deception...


the Teachings of Christ are about truth and  Empowerment.

Not about deception and Weakness.

His teachings are about Us realising that we are part of a Greater Reality aswell...



We believe Christianity Is an Insult to the cross of Christ..